The Learning Space Toolkit Provides a model for institutions to plan and support technology-rich informal learning spaces. Includes a roadmap to guide the process along with tools and techniques for assessing needs, understanding technology, describing spaces, planning and delivering support services, and assembling space, technology, and services to meet needs, even as they change.
JISC Learning Spaces Toolkit Provides another model for institutions to understand the importance of learning spaces, and design, implement and evaluate learning space projects.   Includes case studies and a Flickr collection.
The Learning Space Rating System The Learning Space Rating System (LSRS) provides institutions with a set of measurable criteria that assess how physical environments enable a spectrum of active teaching and learning engagements. These criteria form the basis for a rating system that will allow institutions to benchmark their environments against best practices within the higher education community.
Best Practices in Educational Facilities Investment Case studies of educational refurbishments/builds from around the world including how the facility meets the needs of education and the community.  These often include several images, floorplans and user experiences.   Also includes whitepapers, reports, articles on Strategic Planning for learning spaces investment including design guidelines, costing, evaluation and a whole host of others.  Institutions can submit their own resources if they register.
AV/IT Infrastructure Guides for Higher Education Very in-depth report that addresses the architectural and infrastructural considerations that go into designing and implementing AV/IT technologies in higher education learning spaces, while preserving the pedagogical and functional needs of such spaces.